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Farmer Ootomo

It was incredibly heartbreaking to hear how Farmer Ootomo lost just about everything in such a short amount of time. He showed us pictures of his old house, which was very spacious and large. His house was less than a mile away from the ocean. The destructive tsunami crashed through his house and violently tossed his cars and farm equipment. Thirty eight of his neighbors tragically perished, and his neighborhood of 102 farms was left barren, reduced to rubble with little to salvage.


Rafu Shimpo

I realized that it was imperative for me to speak up for the farmers to raise awareness and to keep the fundraiser going. When I returned home, I wrote an essay which was forwarded to over a thousand potential individual and corporate sponsors for the next Walk the Farm. My essay was also published in the Rafu Shimpo – the nation's leading Japanese American newspaper. The newspaper editor said it was “the best piece about the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami from the U.S.”


Heartbeat, Heartbreak for Japan

On March 11th, 2001, a massive and devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan.

Following my visit to Japan after the tragedy, I made this interpretation based on Japanese folklore as a way to deal with my heartbreak and sorrow for Japan. [A Japanese demon, Oni, pounds on the taiko drum, producing a horrifying earthquake and tsunami.]

Harvesting Hope in Sendai Video

Harvesting Hope in Sendai Video

Walk the Farm video created by Kaitlyn and Kara Chu.