Walk the Farm continues to also support students who will help to improve the future of agriculture. Genta Takahashi, one of our four recipients of scholarships to Iwate University will be graduating this year along with Minori Goto. Hopefully they will enter into areas that will provide support to the Tohoku area.


This year's Walk the Farm will also be looking at providing scholarships to students at Fukushima University which has started a program which is geared directly for the  affected area.

Scholarship Recipients


"I entered a laboratory that handles soybeans.
I am in the laboratory now examining the structure of the ingredients of soy. I break up soybeans and check the ingredients with a machine. There are many things I do not know yet, and I am studying very much.
I want to go back to my hometown and become a civil servant, and I will do my best in a career that is useful for others."

Genta Takahashi


"I study nutrition and biochemistry. I determine whether nutrition imbalance affects health negatively. And I approach how we can improve the negative effect. There are a lot of things that experiment doesn't go well, but I do my best with try and error. 

I would like to contribute to securing food safety and technical research that maintain hygienic environment."

Minori Goto