Since 1940 Tanaka Farms have been dedicated to providing ALL families with quality products and educational experiences. 

Glenn Tanaka, owner of Tanaka Farms, started the event three months after the earthquake in hopes of sending funds to help the farmers in the Tohoku region.

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Photo Courtesy of Kaitlyn Chu

When Glenn Tanaka came up with the idea for Walk the Farm, a fundraiser to help a group of affected Japanese farmers get back on their feet, my whole family was eager to volunteer and participate. We were proud Friends of the Farmer! We joined people from all walks of life, like fellow Irvine residents, big corporations, and Japanese American cultural groups & athletic organizations. We were all so happy to have this opportunity to show the Japanese people that we cared about them, and that we were here for them. Since then, Walk the Farm has become a yearly event that brings together our community to remind these Japanese farmers that we do not forget about their struggles.

When asked about why Walk the Farm has lasted 8+ years and the significance of the event both locally and abroad, he responded:

"The Walk the Farm event is a combination of many things – the event itself is fairly unique, you walk around a real working farm, sampling fruits and vegetables. It's about getting the community together for something that is enjoyable and for a great cause. In this day and age where every month, every week, there seems to be a new disaster happening somewhere – adding a bit of stability of remembering the past disaster is a rarity. These people still deserve, and need this help."